Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shitzu Puppy

Do you want to have a pet like shitzu puppy? Owning this kind of pet is really a great choice. I and my family have been so happy having this pet at home. It's really a great feeling and very fun. It is so cute and very cuddly to touch. It is like a stuffed toy that we normally see in a mall. When compared to other kinds of dogs, I prefer to have this than the other kinds of dogs. The reason for this is that a shitzu puppy is so easy to handle. It is not so hard to manage compared to other dogs.

When I first bring this at home, my little son was so happy. He loves playing with shitzu so much. We normally go to park on weekends and play with our puppy. However, there are things you need to consider before  bringing shitzu at home. You must be ready with the things it will need. Take note that your new pet is now a member of your family.
Here are my some recommendations before you bring your new shitzu at home. You will need to prepare these items the moment you have decided to have one for your family.

1. Make sure that your shitzu is properly vaccinated before bringing it to your home. Know also its medical history which is normally available to the store where you bought it.

2. Be ready with its bedding. This will not cost you so much or you can make one by yourself and it is so easy.

3. Prepare your new puppy with its dishes. Of course, your new pet will need this for eating.

4. Make some plastic toys available for your puppy. Normally, a puppy bites anything at our home for the sake of playing. This is to ensure that your shitzu has a toy for playing so it won't bite your things at home.

5. Seek information on how to properly take good care of your puppy. This is available online. You can research this at the internet.

These are just some basic tips for your new little puppy. 

So, Enjoy your new shitzu puppy and Good luck!